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Idea for: Tinkerbell
Inspiration: Watched the first movie again and remembered that random idea I had a year or so ago.

The idea: Earth fairies.(This is a whole movie idea, so I will keep it short, writing some scenes later)

Opening scene:
(Narration) It is told, that a long time ago, a couple of fairies went up against their queen. They thought, the way they lived was wrong and their dark leader went to bring the queen of fairies to fall, claiming the throne himself and leading the fairies to a new area. But they were defeated and banished to earth, damned to never return.
This was a long time ago...(Narration end).
A newborn fairy was on her way to the fairy valley, but wind cut her up, throwing her from the actual way to a park close by. There, another fairy found her and helped her find the way to a large tree. The wind fairies, who had been throwing the newborn from the path followed.
The newborn was brought to a second source of fairy glitter, so she could become her fairy form. The fairies made everything ready to know what talent the new one would had, even a dark, big fairy man looked and as she had the talent of flowers, he said darkly "Another garden fairy. Teach her about it, my children". Some other fairies marked on a big list, of how many fairies they had for each talent. The man then said "Not long, my children and glory will be ours"

Since what Tinkerbell had gone through, some Tinker fairies were allowed to watch how the seasons were brought to earth, helping the season fairies with their tools if needed. There were quit a lot of new Tinker fairies around, so some could do this.

Tinkerbell was one of those few as summer was brought to earth, so she could watch her friends do this again and helped a little with all the new Tinker tools. But mostly, she was all about inspecting the inventions of the humans were working. As she looked at another car, pulling out some wires and all that, the owner was about to start his machine which wouldn't work due to what Tink had done. But as Tink became scared of the human, a fairy went to her, putting the wires back in place and as the car drove off, Tink noticed that the fairy was none of the fairies who went with her to earth.

Her name was Ronja and claimed to be an earth fairy. The two talked and it came out, that Ronja was not only living on earth, but she was also a Tinker fairy as there were more fairies living on earth as well. Ronja even showed Tink her village close to the park were she once saw how spring was brought to earth. It was almost like back home in the fairy valley, only they all had outfits similar to those of the humans and used more of the lost and found objects to build things in the big tree they lived in.

The earth fairies looked at Tinkerbell with a dark look, even a young man called Loki, a snow fairy. He was one of the higher fairies, as for Ronjas boyfriend, and he was about to scream at Tink she should vanish, but Ronja brought him to be nicer. In fact, all the fairies soon acted nicer to Tink and the others of Tinks friends were invited to the tree. But as the time to go home came, they asked to come with them.

No one saw a problem in it and so, the earth fairies went back to the valley of fairies so long after they were banned from it. In the valley, the earth fairies helped everyone else. They had more knowledge and could do many things better. Ronja for instance, was one of the best Tinker fairies, even better than Tink. And that made Tinkerbell jealous. As she lost her temper with Ronja, there was even bigger things happening behind their backs.

Most of the earth fairies were about to reach their old goal. The dark fairy king, wanted to crush the, in his opinion, false queen and bring every fairy a better future. Terence had the bad luck, of hearing the discussion of him to the leaders of each earth fairies talent. He got spotted and before he could tell Tink what was wrong, going with her then to the queen, he got shot by a ray of ice. Loki was about to do that to Tink as well, who cried for her dead love, but Ronja could interact.

Loki didn't wanted to hurt Ronja, but broke up with her and simply flew away. Ronja then had problems of telling Tink she had no idea of what the other earth fairies were planning, but Tinkerbell had problems believing her. Soon all valley fairies heard about the plans of the earth fairies and the queen ordered to hide in the big tree, as for getting ready for the earth fairies attack.

As the war was about to start, Ronja wanted to help them and thank was accepted.
The war was tough, but Ronja as for Tink and her friends could stop it before to many fairies would fall in it. But even as the groups of enemies became friends, seeing there was no need in killing and all that, the somber king went right to the queen, but could been held up by Loki. That was how the two fairy sides, the earth and valley fairies, made peace, but due to the long time the earth fairies lived on earth, they wanted to go back there. It was their home.

In the end, Tink and Ronja flew through the earth fairies home, seeing how everything changed to a war like home, where the fairies had learned to fight others and to take down the queen, became a place where they would help for all the season changes, so they could help the valley fairies in the future.

The last thing that happened, was that Ronja let Tink met a special boy, who they had found when he was a toddler and who had grown up with the fairies, so that he at one point, had stopped aging and even understood both, english and the language of fairies. Ronja asked Tink, if she could take Peter with them to Neatherland. She thought, Peter would like it there and it would be a better place for him to stay as the unmerciful earth.
As Tink met that Peter Pan, as he called himself, she agreed. He was so similar to Terence.
My random Mind 4
That had to be told. Now I feel better xD
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

Chapter 8: Green light in the flower fields

After a short rest, the next journey began.
The Eggman base.

Tails thought of how that place would look and got the scariest ideas. But what they found, was more than surprising.

Even though big wooden crosses stuck in the ground everywhere, like giant grave stones and the noises of the still working machines, everything was overgrown by plants, grass and mostly flowers. It was kinda... beautiful.
So calm and nearly perfectly save. But only nearly.

On the crosses were .exe. Most stayed still, others reacted to the two visitors by panting like dogs and giving those starving or blood thirsty look in their eyes.

The two walked over the fields, the place as nearly impossible to make out to be a former Eggman base, but after a while, they found the two things they're looking for. But it wasn't a pleasent sight.
Mighty was there, he was crying as he looked to the .exe in front of him. He begged "Tilly! Please, stop! I am your brother, not your enemy!", but Matilda .exe didn't listened. She continued to punch Mighty in the face, who couldn't fight back.

She was wrapped in bandages, only her eyes were free as for her mechanic arms. But those arms were broken by flowers, which were everywhere like the bandages. Sweet pink flowers, which had the armadillo boys blood all over them.
The green emerald was stuck in the back of her neck and was hard to see.

Knuckles .exe was about to help the poor Mighty, as that aweful sound of thunder was heard. The clouds lighten up in blue and all what Knuckles .exe did, was grabbing Tails and hide.
Just in time, as he appeared.

As Sonic .exe appeared, all flowers close to him died and every green turned grey and dark red. He smiled for the fresh meat, but as he saw Mighty he got confused. "Didn't I killed him already?" he thought, but gently ignored it. No way he would leave the fun to someone else. As Mighty saw Sonic .exe he tried to hit him. But the devil blocked the attack with ease.

He laughed, as he returned the punch and lots more. He teared the strong house into pieces, before fixing him with his dark curse. Once again, the aweful laugh echoed through the base and over the fields, before the hedgehog disappeared.
"No..." Tails whispered out in shock, as they saw how Mighty .exe got up, screaming in pain up to the sky.

None of the two moved, but suddenly something grabbed them and threw them towards the .exe. Shocked, both looked up to the armadillos. Mighty .exe grunted at them, as the second version, more rotten version of him who came up from behind. He had thrown them.

Knuckles .exe was cursing as he got to his feet, grabbed Tails and fleed. "Three strong houses, three freaking strong armadillos at once. Of course this had to happen!" he thought to himself, as he climbed a wall to bring Tails to safety. And just as that was done, the three attacked, nearly destroying the building. Luckily both of our heroes reacted fast enough, Tails by starting to fly and Knuckles .exe by starting to glide.

He then broke his flight to jump on the first Mighty's face. It didn't helped much, the echidna was thrown away pretty fast. But only the Mighty .exe's attacked. Matilda .exe didn't cared a bit, what would happen to Knuckles .exe, she went for Tails. That was everything she wanted.

As Knuckles .exe saw Tails fleeing and Matilda .exe close on the fox's heels, he wanted to help him. But then, there was the two on his own heels. He had his hands full with them, those damn twins.

As the echidna tried to knock the twin devils away from him, Tails fled through the higher parts of the base. But Matilda .exe was fast and close behind. She broke every building or machine in her way.
It was horrible. Tails flew as fast as he could and even tried his best as his power left him. But he eventually collapsed to his luck just before a high abyss.

Under them, were Knuckles .exe and the Mighty .exes. Behind them a large squeezer, still working and of course highly dangerous. The armadillos had fought him over here, probably to get rid of him with that thing. But Knuckles .exe focused on the more rotten one. As that one got close, he grabbed him and threw him into the squeezer, blood splattering everywhere. But what to do with the second one?

Back to Tails, he was in high danger and to exhausted from the flight. As he saw Matilda .exe standing right in front of him, noticing that his buddy was to far away to help him, he got ready to die as well.
He imaged how it would end, by getting smashed by those arms? Or maybe torn apart? No matter what, it was over, he thought, sobbing.

But to a weird, kinda familiar "Piko" sound he looked up. The emerald from the back of the neck was now stuck in Matilda .exe's throat, she was chocking on it, before another "Piko" hit it out of it into Tails' lab. He hold on to it tight, as another "Piko" hit the armadillo girl to the side.

"Hey Amy." He said smiling, looking up to the also smiling Amy .exe. But as Matilda .exe went to her legs again, she turned around. Yet this time, Amy .exe get thrown to the side, but to the emeralds(Tails honestly forgot he had one with him the whole time), Matilda .exe hit the shield of chaos energy. She screamed in pain, as bandages got loose, showing her completely sliced body which was nearly only still together thanks to the plants. But also, her arms broke and one even felled out.

Amy .exe used this moment for the last hit on her, before Matilda .exe got any chance to do anything. The hit threw her over the building and straight down, on one of the many crosses, impaling her. Amy .exe and Tails then went to Knuckles .exe.

He stood close to an abyss in the base, where the Egg fleet ships were once stored, and the echidna cried. As Tails asked why, he just pointed down the abyss. He had thrown the fresh Mighty .exe over the railing down, killing him as he hit the floor.
"We can't leave him here..." Tails just said, flying down to take the body with him. The .exe followed and helped him, but made sure that the green emerald was somewhere near the body. That way, the body couldn't turn to an .exe again.

Back at Freedom HQ, the news shocked everybody. Charmy and Shaffron cried, Espio stayed as strong as he could and Ray hit it the hardest.

He stopped talking and didn't went away from Mighty's side. He just couldn't believe his best friend, his brother, was gone.

At times like this, Tails wondered how such a hell could ever be possible... But then again, the next emeralds wait. Next was Angel Island.

Somewhere else, far, far away, the demon Sonic .exe arrived from a flight around the planet.

He was angry, blazing mad. He had visited MeteorTech and the Death Egg after what happened in the Eggman base. He couldn't believe someone took the emeralds, killing his toys.

"Argh!" He yelled, as he arrived in a hospital building, flapping down on a couch "What in hell's name would do that? Its impossible!". He grumbled more and feared, that something could actually become dangerous to him.

A metallic sound disturbed him in his rage. Sally .exe had tried to sneak away, but to the lack of eyes, she had thrown a metal table over. She was completely frozen in place, as silence fell over the area.
But then he laughed, oh how awfully he laughed. It was freezing blood, so dark and scary was it.

He flew to her saying "Nothing will get to me, right Sally dear? Nothing can ever stop a god!". He grabbed her by her hand, pulling her to her feet and turning her to face him.
He smirked, before pressing his lips on hers. A kiss, which would be cute, if they would be the ones they used to be, made strange noises of sucking. And as Sonic .exe pulled back, he was indeed, sucking organs out of Sally .exe's body.

Coldy, he let her fall to the ground as he turned to face the window saying "Who ever thinks he can fool me, will feel my anger in total agony."

NtES: Part 8
Forgot that chapter o.O
Well sorry guys XD
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

Chapter 9: The yellow shine of Angel Island

Even though it was hard, the trip to the burning island in the sky began shortly after they arrived back in Freedom HQ. They couldn't risk to lose another friend.
But the sad mood was still in the air as they flew towards Angel Island.

Tails tried his best to be strong, but Knuckles .exe got way sadder when they got closer to his old home. The fox noticed and asked "What's wrong?"

Knuckles .exe said he didn't wanted to bother Tails and it would be better to focus on the mission, but Tails was insisted on knowing what was wrong with him. So he told him.

(The past)

After Sonic .exe's take over, the weak Mobiens were killed in the earliest days fast. Only stronger or clever ones made it through the first wave of darkness and killings.

And so was she, Julie-Su.

She had made it through that time and did her best to stay alive, which was hard to shoot many familiar faces only to reach that goal. Knuckles .exe for his part tried to protect her, even he had to feel the pain, that she didn't believed him when he told her, he was still the same.

Over and over again, the two saw each other and always the same result. Both their hearts shattered.
In the end, the last time they saw each other, was back on Angel Island.

Julie-Su wanted to get to the remains of the Master Emerald, thinking it could protect her. Yet again, she met with her boyfriend on the way.

"Stay back!" she screamed at him, holding her gun ready to shoot him. He tried to calm her down, but she screamed over and over again "Stay back you pest!".

No matter what he did, she backed away from him scared to the bone. And on that day, the bad luck was on their side. Sonic .exe slammed the echidna male to the side and straight to the female. No shot took an effect on the hedgehog and he sliced her face and chest open.

"NO!" screamed Knuckles .exe as he saw her, falling to the ocean. He jumped up and after her.
As he hit the water surface, it knocked him out shortly, but as he got his consciousness back, he looked for her and afterwards brought her back to land.

Even though her heart stopped, he tried his best to bring her back to life. Sonic .exe watched his tries in amusement. As Knuckles .exe knew he was there, he grabbed him and yelled "BRING HER BACK! I don't care what you do to me for it, but please bring her back!"

But the hedgehog laughed, as he punched the echidna to the side. He grabbed Julie-Su, holding her like a bride in his arms, turned over to him and smirked, before vanishing.


Tails looked at Knuckles .exe sad, as they landed and start to walk towards the heart of the island. Everything was on fire and instead of rivers or any source of water, was replaced by lava. Damn was it hot here.

Neither of the two of them said anything. They only looked for the next friend or emerald. And then they heard Vector screaming "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!". It was even visible by the flames he spit into the air.
So all the two heroes had to do is follow the voice.

They found Vector strapped to a wall, red lines around him as it looked like a ritual was about to enforce. Vector was even wearing a necklace out of flowers while red symbols were all over his body. But beside the crocodile, there was a shadowy figure on the top of the cliff and a pool of more lava.

As Knuckles .exe and Tails arrived, Vector was yelling at the guy on the cliff mean words and all what a guy in his position would say. But he then got interrupted by a loud noise of crumbling.

From the pool appeared a figure. It was tall and all covered in the flames and melted stone, until bones appeared from the fire. It was hard to tell, who the hell the mobien was, but when it showed its face, it was clearly Blaze the Cat.

Her face still had a little rest of skin and fur, But only around her eyes and forehead, the rest was bones and lava. And instead of the small red stone, the yellow chaos emerald was stuck in the forehead.

She looked at Vector, heating up Vectors skin. He yelped at it. She for her part, seemed to laugh, as she pulled back and towers of lava got ready to burn the reptile. But Knuckles .exe quickly reacted and throwed a rock at her head. Blaze .exe turned in fury at him. He didn't even flinched, even as she moved towards him.

"What are you doing?" Tails yelled at Knuckles .exe. He replied "Keeping that cat off your friend, how does it look like?". As he said that, Blaze .exe had reached the end of the lava pool, bursting through the ground. That was Knuckles .exe's sign to start running and so he did, telling Tails he should look that he gets Vector out of that position. That's what Tails did.

Vector was happy for the helping hand. But the shadowy guy was back and he pulled Tails away from helping Vector.

Knuckles .exe didn't had it easier. It was impossible to find a good attacking point on Blaze .exe. After all, the whole Island was on fire and lava was everywhere and that gave the cat a lot of power. Because more lava towers shoot from the ground and the echidna had multiple times were he got hit by them or was surrounded by it and her, escaping it luckily.

But in the end, he stood at the edge of the island and with no way of escaping, except leaving Tails behind and jump into the deep. But we know he wouldn't do it, for nothing in the world, he would do it.

Back to Tails now. He had to struggle, the guy was pretty strong. But there was one thing that lacked him, agility. Tails was to quick for the guy. So instead of getting the fox, the guy went for letting him fall into the pool. He seemed to get something from doing so. But he failed.

As he got Tails far enough to the pool and got him to trip, Tails started to fly, which the guy didn't seem to expected. So instead of Tails, the guy dropped to his doom. Tails as for Vector looked down at the pit, as it turned to solid stone. "Wow..." both said, before Vector turned to Tails and asked "Could you maybe help me now? I have to pee!".

From Knuckles .exe's side, he was shortly before being burned to a second death (from the many times he already died thanks to Sonic .exe), but it was when the guy disappeared in the lava pit, all lava on the whole island froze back to stone and so did Blaze .exe.

She was a statue, a bony, horrifying statue. Who knows if she would ever wake up again, as her eyes lost any form of life, bleeding again to the stone.

Knuckles .exe breathed in relief, collapsing to his knees. After all what was before, he was broken inside more then ever. Mostly after killing Mighty .exe, knowing the loss of a friend once again. He hated this place.
Soon enough, Tails and Vector meet up with the echidna. Vector went all Kung Fu like as he saw Knuckles .exe, but after some explanation he was less upset.

Another friend was saved and Tails got the emerald from Blaze .exe's forehead and they returned to Freedom HQ.
Next goal: G.U.N.

NtES Part 9
Another part FINALLY DONE!
And I also get the first characters for the rewritten version I will use for my own book, yay :D



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