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My dear readers its me, the joyful DarkLura. This is a thought, that just doesn't want to leave my head. Oh but I could never do such a thing to any other living being. I am way to kind hearted for that and it would probably drive me to death if I would ever do it.

But damn, here we go:

Image a very fat guy, strapped to a table in a little work space. Not that I have anything against fat people, but I am very worried about their health. And one simply drove me insane.
So what do I have in store for him? Not much to be honest. This is maybe one of my most gentle ideas to torture and kill a human being. God damn that little maniac in my head. I hope it will stay forever locked up inside my fantasies.

But anyways, I know when you read this far, you want to hear something morbig. So lets go.
First, I would like to do something classic and simple. And that would be cutting open the mans chest. Slowly and careful for that matter, first through the skin, then the flesh. That could take some minutes.
But then, his hopefully unharmed guts lay in front of me. Then here comes the very first fun part!

Carefully grabbing those warm guts, feeling it in your or better my hands. What an experience that must be. Horrible, wrong and sick, but for a mad man would that be the greatest thing on the world.
Simply rubbing those guts over your face, feeling how the usual process of it keeps working.
If it wouldn't be that hard, it would probably also fantastic to feel how the blood in the blood vessels move, without having all that flesh in the way. Only the vessel in hands.

But we aren't done. How about one step further? Lets take a lower part of the guts and just bite into it? Sounds disgusting? Well it should be. After all, the guts produce the shit which later ends as that smelly brown sausage in the toilet. Now let our little guest feel how it must feel to be nothing less than that. Take that open gut and put it in his mouth, pressing a big mess of the content inside in his mouth. I don't care if he would be dead or not, let him eat his own shit!

And he is not the last one in this little round. Oh no. There is still that thin chick! A little bitch, seem to only think about fucking, her looks and being all trendy so everyone would "love" her.
Oh how the humanity sometimes makes me sick. And its because of people like her.

About her, well for her, we need something from our fat guy. His fat! Its time to carefully carve it out of his body. I think it would be between the skin and the flesh. So lets harvest it, after all the guy would have a damn lot of that stuff, but lets only take it from his belly for now. Maybe we can use the rest some day later.

Now after harvesting the fat, lets make a little paste out of it. A paste like baby food. After that is done, fill it into a bucket, a rusty one maybe, and take a big wooden spoon. My mom uses such spoons for cooking, but we need it to feed the chick. She would be also strapped down, but not like the man. I think I would strap only her head on a table, maybe with her hands beside it.
It would be like a little child trying to look on the table to see what his parents are doing.

Feeding time! Hey, that would a great thing to say to her. When I know think of it, strapping the head down like that, she can't open her mouth to eat her meal. Oh well, she probably would refuse to eat it anyway, so forcing her to do it makes more fun that way. Give her a smell of the fat, maybe you can mix something else inside it, like I don't know. How about some vomit?

After the little smell example, she really should try it. Just hold her by her hair and slam the spoon with fat through her teeth. A little bit of her own blood would at least give the simple fat paste a little bit more taste. About the teeth, well she could swallow it our you could try to collect them.
Would be sweet memories of the experience. Oh my, I really sound fucked up, don't I?
But just a little reminder that I could never do such a thing and live on like nothing happened.
So please people of the world, give me not so much reason to hate you that much.

And after she has eaten all the fat paste, I am pretty much done with all I had in store for those two...
Well sounds pretty mean now to leave them their, especially the chick. She would be still alive, the guy could be dead, but I don't know that now, I am no medic and this is just a random thought that my little evil maniac side made. So about her... Really, no idea now.

What you would do in my place is your thing, I think I just leave them there. Because for the chick, I could still make more fat paste and feed it to her. That would be interesting, when the body of the fat guy starts to rot.

But well, good day, fellow readers ;)

A little thought
Had to post this. It had to get out of my head


Tails muttered, as a small leaf woke him from his sleep. As he woke up, he couldn't believe what he saw. The sun was shining and it was warm, not to hot, but not to cold either. The trees were alive and their leafes were in a wonderful green tone. Flowers grow on the green meadow and the sky was beautiful blue.

Around him were the Chaotix, sleeping. They were all back, back home. It made Tails so happy, that he started to cry. Especially as he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

"Tails?" Sonic yelled, running by, but stopped as he saw his best friend. In a matter of seconds, Tails found himself in a hug by his best friend, who cried in joy "There you are buddy! Where were you? We were so worried about you.". Shortly after, Amy and Cream were also there and joined the hug. "Guys... can't... breath." Tails managed to say and the others quickly stopped hugging him.

As the Chaotix got up from their rest, Vector got yelled at, for sleeping and not doing his job right. "But they found me." Tails said to save the crocodile. While most of the Chaotix couldn't believe they were still alive, Vector said "Of course we did. Poor little guy was stuck in an alternative world where some strange monster thingy had control over Mr.-". He got a hard shoulder bump of Knuckles, who meant to say "You probably shouldn't say this, here are children.".

"What?" Sonic said. Tails quickly said "I will explain later ok?". The hedgehog shrugged and suggested that they would now return home. He told nothing to serious had happened since Tails and later the Chaotix had disappeared. Mostly all where conserned about who Tails was.
As the question of "Where were you" came again, Tails just said "You don't wanna know, it was horrible."

Back in New Metropolis, Tails first hugged his mom and dad, so happy to see them again. The Chaotix got a thank-you gift from the town folks and a little party was held for Tails' return.

Further away, a dark, bony hand shot out of the earth of the flower fields, close to New Metropolis.
With heavy breaths, the dark thing freed itself from the ground, still in pain from what had happened to it.

"Damn..." It said, just half of its body outside the ground, as it rubbed its face "Those emeralds... S***.". It finally started to look around itself, surprised. "What is this?" It thought "And what-?". It spotted New Metropolis and smirked "I know this place... Hehehe..."

It then looked down on itself. The bones started to become normal colored and dark flesh started to appear, giving it a body. Seeing that, it laughed even louder "Finally, my body!".

It took a nose full of air, as it spotted someone familiar. "Hehehe... Little fox... This must be your world, the Mobius you came from... Hehehe... As soon as I am back to my power, you gonna get your punishment."

Exe laughed, pulling him out of the dirt, before wenting into the forest to recover once more.


NtES Epiloge
Well every story comes to an end. And I made a cliffhanger xD
Maybe I will write a sequel to this someday XD
Thanks for reading everybody.

No next part :(
Previous: NtES: Part 14



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