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Tails muttered, as a small leaf woke him from his sleep. As he woke up, he couldn't believe what he saw. The sun was shining and it was warm, not to hot, but not to cold either. The trees were alive and their leafes were in a wonderful green tone. Flowers grow on the green meadow and the sky was beautiful blue.

Around him were the Chaotix, sleeping. They were all back, back home. It made Tails so happy, that he started to cry. Especially as he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

"Tails?" Sonic yelled, running by, but stopped as he saw his best friend. In a matter of seconds, Tails found himself in a hug by his best friend, who cried in joy "There you are buddy! Where were you? We were so worried about you.". Shortly after, Amy and Cream were also there and joined the hug. "Guys... can't... breath." Tails managed to say and the others quickly stopped hugging him.

As the Chaotix got up from their rest, Vector got yelled at, for sleeping and not doing his job right. "But they found me." Tails said to save the crocodile. While most of the Chaotix couldn't believe they were still alive, Vector said "Of course we did. Poor little guy was stuck in an alternative world where some strange monster thingy had control over Mr.-". He got a hard shoulder bump of Knuckles, who meant to say "You probably shouldn't say this, here are children.".

"What?" Sonic said. Tails quickly said "I will explain later ok?". The hedgehog shrugged and suggested that they would now return home. He told nothing to serious had happened since Tails and later the Chaotix had disappeared. Mostly all where conserned about who Tails was.
As the question of "Where were you" came again, Tails just said "You don't wanna know, it was horrible."

Back in New Metropolis, Tails first hugged his mom and dad, so happy to see them again. The Chaotix got a thank-you gift from the town folks and a little party was held for Tails' return.

Further away, a dark, bony hand shot out of the earth of the flower fields, close to New Metropolis.
With heavy breaths, the dark thing freed itself from the ground, still in pain from what had happened to it.

"Damn..." It said, just half of its body outside the ground, as it rubbed its face "Those emeralds... S***.". It finally started to look around itself, surprised. "What is this?" It thought "And what-?". It spotted New Metropolis and smirked "I know this place... Hehehe..."

It then looked down on itself. The bones started to become normal colored and dark flesh started to appear, giving it a body. Seeing that, it laughed even louder "Finally, my body!".

It took a nose full of air, as it spotted someone familiar. "Hehehe... Little fox... This must be your world, the Mobius you came from... Hehehe... As soon as I am back to my power, you gonna get your punishment."

Exe laughed, pulling him out of the dirt, before wenting into the forest to recover once more.


NtES Epiloge
Well every story comes to an end. And I made a cliffhanger xD
Maybe I will write a sequel to this someday XD
Thanks for reading everybody.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

Chapter 14: The fall of Sonic .exe

The inside of the beast was nearly like a tent, a very awful smelling tent made out of black skin with fur and bones. Inside, Sonic sat totally numb and motionless, as the creature showed him the things he had done as Sonic .exe.

"SONIC!" Tails called out, making the hedgehog flinch. A loud growl was heard inside the rib cage and a couple of fleshy tentacles were about to attack Tails, but holding an emerald out, made them burn to ash. "Go away!" Sonic yelled as Tails got closer "Go! I don't want to hurt you" "Sonic, you never hurt me." "I killed you!". Tails stopped, seeing the fear in Sonic's eyes. "You're right." The thing said, giggling "You are a murderer.". Sonic repeated "I... am a... murderer..." before he curled up in a ball, sobbing slightly. "No, you are not a murderer!"

Tails quickly said, getting Sonic's attention. "You are a hero Sonic. You saved us multiple times from threats like Eggman.". Sonic remembered, but flinched back in his ball as the moster showed him how he killed Eggman, saying "You killed Eggman.". "Oh please is that all you ever say?" Tails said, a little annoyed yet pretty brave. "I tell the truth!" the monster screamed "Sonic is a murderer. A bad boy. He deserves punishment!". Tails looked around. As he saw the massive heart over his head, he grabbed an emerald, flew up and screamed "When you tell the truth, then why don't you show it us all?". With that he slammed the emerald into the heart. The creature screamed in pain, the visions on the flesh changed. From the images of Sonic's view, killing his friends, enemies and such, to moments from his adventures, but only moments where the emeralds were present.

"W-What?" Sonic said, as he saw himself in the visions. It was the moment he collected the first chaos emerald back when he went up against Eggman the first time. He was running towards the view of the... emerald?

While Tails was bussy, holding the attacks of the monster away from him and Sonic, Sonic watched all the visions, remembering the good old days. Until the fateful moment the emeralds changed. As that came, the monster shortly had stopped attacking Tails, exhausted from the emeralds power and Tails joined Sonic. "I-I remember that moment." he said, looking at himself and what happened. From the view of the emerald, it cracked and something flew fast in Sonic's direction, shortly after, everything went black, until Sonic's soul was seen in the vision.

"It... It invaded my body... I fought it, fought it for months without a single break... I-I don't know what happened to me from the outside, but I remember, that I was stuck in a dark place and a shadowy figure... Attacked me and I fought it.". The vision showed how the thing, what ever it was, attacked the hedgehog. Sonic understood now "This thing... It must have been sealed with the emeralds and as it had enough power... It must have broken free." "And because it was weak after doing so, it took the closest body, yours, to regain its power again." Tails finished for his friend.

The hedgehog needed time to process this. Especially when he said "It killed me... But kept me here, for my body, to control it.". The thing growled again, as it reached for its inside again. This time, it didn't bothered to break its own ribs as it took the fox and said "You little pest! I am going to let you pay badly for this!" "SONIC! HELP ME!"

Tails screams brought Sonic back to reality, he saw the fight outside and then looked at the bag of emeralds, which Tails has dropped as the thing got him. "Okay, time to kick some butt." He smirked, as the emeralds flew to him. Feeling their power in his ghostly body, he activated Chaos Control with a loud scream.

At the meantime back in the world of the living, Sonic .exe had enjoyed his meal on Tails' body. With loud laughter, he enjoyed the blood all over his body. "Oh how I missed this feeling!" He said out loud to himself "Well, time to start over.".

He was about to revive the planet to keep playing his sick games, as a strange blast of pain rushed through his chest. It was so intense, that he went to the ground. "That can't be right" He mumbeled. He went back on his legs, only that more pain hit him and he coughed up blood with some teeth and small maggots.

"No. No, no, NO!" He started to scream, this definitely wasn't right. More pain went from his chest to his right eye. A big bunch of big maggots eat their way out of the eye, sending more pain. To end it, Sonic .exe grabbed his own eye and ripped it out. Breathing heavy, he began to smile again. The pain was over, but only for a short time.

His body got out of his control, as Super Sonic's soul broke free of his torment and all the other souls, which Sonic .exe had devoured over the time of his existence. Bright light filled the dark place as everything happened. Sonic .exe slowly burned away by Chaos Control and with that, he was gone.

Only Super Sonic remained, as the souls flew all over the place. "This world is ruined... And soon, death will catch up with them..." He said sad. But maybe, there was still time. One last time, he used Chaos Control again and everything faded to white

Back at the hospital, back at the day Sonic would have died and Sonic .exe would rise from the remains, the nurse of the morning shift was about to look how the patients were doing, but stopped in her tracks on what she saw.

Sonic stood in front of her, blood running out of his eyes and mouth, as he weakly tried to walk. "I-I did it." He said, smiling "T-They are... safe... The thing... I-its beated... No... No Sonic .exe... Hehe...". The nurse quickly told him to lie down again, as she would inform a doctor, but Sonic couldn't really hear what she said. He knew what waited for him, but the smile didn't faded from his face.

"Heh..." he thought, his vision became blury and the sounds muffled, like they went further away from him "At least... I saved them from it...". And finally, he collapsed. He had found his peace.

The future of Sonic .exe faded away, as if it was nothing but a nightmare. Tails and his friends from Mobius were together, as Super Sonic appeared in front of them. "Thank you." He said "Thanks to you, we were able to defeat the monster. Especially to you Tails.". Tails laughed at that, rubbing the back of his head.

"I changed the future, it will be like nothing ever happened... Yet my time on this world is over...". All were shocked at that, but Sonic told them it was fine. "At least... I found my peace. I saved my friends at least... And now, its time for you to return to your world. They all probably miss you by now.". The hedgehog chuckled, as the emeralds appeared, back in their natural shape and glory. "Goodbye, my friends."

That was the last thing, before the Chaotix and Tails vanished, back to their home.

WAIT! There is still an epiloge coming!

NtES: Part 14
Wow... Just only the epiloge and then this is done :o
Well thanks to everyone who read this. I maybe try to draw some scenes as a comic, but who wants to help with that can do it, but inform me if you do. So thanks for reading :D



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