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"Hello Luzie" Vincent said as friendly as he could between clenched teeth "How are you?"
"Doing pretty good. But I was looking everywhere for you!" Luzie said, pretty happily.
Another thing that liked to surprise Vincent, was how naive and always so joyful the people here were. Maybe he wasn't used to such things even after the long time he was here by now.

Rubbing the back of his head with a confused look on his face, he finally asked "W-Why did you looked for me?". What Luzie said next, she did with white sparks in her eyes "I have some new pieces of furniture back home. You have to come see them!"

Vincent let out a small growl of annoyance, but before he could respond with a no, Luzie simply grabbed his hand and dragged him all the way to her house.

"And that way, I found out that I was actually still wearing my glasses on top of my head." Luzie finished.
After dragging Vincent all the way to her house, she had informed him all about her new furniture and what it meant to her, then got to all kind of other topics. She had literally spend the whole day with him, talking so much that Vincent thought of cutting his ears off. But he knew that wouldn't change a thing.

At least Luzie was as polite that he could sit down and have something to eat and drink, while she was talking about all kinds of boring things he didn't cared about in the slightest. But Luzie seemed to not care that he didn't cared.

"So and how is your day going?" She finally let him speak for once. She had to repeat herself though, because Vincent didn't said anything, just helped himself to another cup of tea, which was pretty cold by now, making it taste less good. "Huh?" Vincent said first, after her repeat and finally answered after she repeat it for a third time. He rubbed his hands over his eyes and face as he said "Not so great. I am pretty tired.".

Looking at a clock, another brilliant idea came into Luzies mind "Hey, how about you stay and we have a slumber party?". Vincent said absolutely nothing. He just stared at her in a way that said "Say what?" and after a while, he dropped the cup he was holding. Not only he didn't liked Luzie and that idea she had, but for that matter, there was not much place in her home and all possibilities to sleep here were in the big double bed she had.
No couch, just that bed and the thought that drove into Vincents head, made him want to vomit.

"Hey, Viny, everything alright?" She asked. That nickname she used though, made him even crazier.
"Alright?" He said, voice shaking "A-Alright?" "Oh no, you're shaking! Are you cold?" The pig asked, reaching out for the shaking purple man. That made Vincent snap.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" He shouted, his hand reaching for his axe, which had been leaning against his seat and swung it after the pig. And as it hit its goal, a very familiar red liquid touched his face. He had hit her wrist and it bled hard.
Luzie went screaming to the ground, holding the wound so it may bleed a little less hard. Vincent just looked at her, shocked yes, but... He felt kinda good.

He blinked, then took a look at his axe, at the blood on it and then at his own face. It was so warm, as he touched it. Rubbing it between his fingers, activated so many memories. How he had lured the children away, how he had killed them. It filled him with joy, he started to smile and finally: To giggle. It has been so long since he last really laughed like that and it got worse. He sounded like a complete mad man.

Luzie just whimpered as she hold her bleeding wrist. She didn't understood what was happening, why Vincent was laughing like that. But she knew it wasn't a good thing, so she tried to crawl away. Noticing that, Vincent stopped his maniacally laughter to talk to her. "You know Luzie?" he asked, walking to her side and kicking her, so she may lie on her back "Just now, you have awaken a joy, I haven't felt for quite a while now. To be honest, I didn't felt it in over SO MANY YEARS!".

He laughed again, sitting down on the wounded pig and holding the axe tight in his hands, before he continued
"You probably know what I was doing a long time ago, right? The past for which the villagers did their best so we could have all those look a likes of the Freddy Fazbear crew, if I am not mistaking? Well, shall I tell you a secret? Something I never told anyone here?".

He took her scared whimpers as a yes, as he leaned down and whispered in her ear "I killed children.
I killed so many little children. And you know what? I loved it! I loved it oh so much. But I was caught, nearly sentenced to death, before doctors claimed me insane and saved my life from the electric chair.
When I know think of it, it would be lovely to feel the electricity of that killing machine.".

He leaned away from her and spoke louder, nearly screamed in his joy "Oh how it must feel to be so close to death! But whatever. I am still alive, I have still some time left before death finally comes to collect my soul. And in that time, lets have some more fun!". He looked down at her. She was about to scream for help, but he quickly covered her mouth with his hand. "Sh..." He said, in a weird, kinda horny way "Please don't cry. Smile! I like to remember my victims with a smile!"

Her screams were muffled, as Vincent lifted the axe, ready to swing it down.

"... the monkey chase the weasel" Vincent sung, as he buried the body. And with the last shovel full of dirt, his song came to an end "Pop goes the weasel...". He looked down at the small grave. Now he was kinda happy it was so damn late in the evening. No one had saw him burying the body. Finally he felt so good again.

He took out the bag with the seeds, planting them on top of the grave and like usual, the flowers popped up as soon as he did. After that, he turned to Luzies house. The light was still burning. He didn't went to far away from the crime scene to bury the body and also the light had helped him seeing in the darkness. But now, it wasn't needed anymore. So he put away his shovel, went to the door and was about to switch the light off, before he took another good look on how the house looked from the inside now.

Blood was everywhere and nearly everything was covered by it. A sigh escaped Vincent as he leaned against the door frame. After a short while of remembering what he did, he finally switched the light off and went home.

There, he first took off all of his clothes. They were so bloody now. So he tried to get the blood out as good as he could and he honestly did a good job by doing so. After most of the blood was out, he threw them in the washing machine in his cellar, started it and went to bed.

Tonight, he would sleep good, better then he had in the last couple of time.

Animal FNAF: Retirement? Part 3
I just wish I could actually do such a thing in Animal Crossing :3

The next morning was foggy. Vincent got up pretty quickly, because it was hard to sleep in the cold. He would be happy when Nook and his team would come to build his house. Nook had promised it would be done as quickly as possible.

For now, he just got up. He even was wearing his thick jacket and pants because it had been so cold at night.
As he crawled out of his tent, he stretched his back and let out a loud yawn. It seemed like not many other villagers were up. Looking at his watch, he saw it really was damn early. So, he just went on a walk around town.
It really was small, all villagers living close to the fairground where he had planted the tree as a sign of his new job. Close by was the exchange house. They all were close to the coast, while the city hall and train station was high up in the north. Vincent future house was in between those two points, on a, through a river separated, small island if you will in the town.

It surprised him that no one else wanted to live there, but maybe that was because of the simple reason to be close to each other and the only bridge was pretty bad placed. He for his part loved to be alone.

After a while, more and more villagers got up and even the local stores on the other side of the train tracks opened. Because the whole major thing needed some confirmation, he couldn't do any kind of things a major would do.
To be honest, Vincent had no idea what a major had to deal with, so he was glad to spend some more time to explore his new home. It surprised him how easy it was to earn money here. He had collected some apples on his walk and as he walked into the exchange house, he was told he could sold them. That was what he did, even he kept a couple of them.

He also bought himself a fishing rot and a shovel. It was all the Nook store had in stock for today, besides some weird furniture objects. At least with the new objects, he could earn more money. It even made fun. While looking for, weirdly easy findable, fossils and fishing, he got into many conversations with villagers and even got dragged to their home. Even it was a little odd and annoying, he got a liking to these villagers. They were so friendly and polite.

The same routine as yesterday started again: looking for fossils and fish to earn more money. Today, he even got a landing net to catch bugs. Even for them he got money. It was all crazy for him, but at least living here was more easy as back in his old home. Why didn't he moved here earlier?

Around noon though, Vincent got interrupted in his money making by Isabella. She told him his major license or whatever was finally there and she lead him to city hall to explain everything to him. He could do some laws, which were to his dismay in certain patterns. But at least he could get to build things around town. First thing he wanted to build was a better bridge.

It took some time until it got all the money it needed, but it was worth the effort. He fulfilled all the villagers wishes and soon, the town was more beautiful as when he had arrived. He started to like his new job.

"What is it today Isabella?" Vincent said one day as he walked in his office, sitting down at his chair. To his surprise, a lot of villagers were here too. "Well..." Isabella started "After you fulfilled all the villagers wishes, we thought of giving you something back.". "Huh?" Vincent said, looking confused. But then he wondered what he would get. Maybe some money. He spend a lot of his own money into making the town more beautiful, even he gave many new fishes and fossils to the museum.

"We noticed how much you talked about your old job" Isabella continued. That topic made Vincent look a little embarrassed. He had tried so hard to forget, banish that chapter of his life from his thoughts and leave it in the past, but he told the villagers about it from time to time. Getting reminded of it didn't helped the guilt he felt for what he didn't told them about that.

But Isabella and the others didn't noticed his worry and if, they pretended not to. "We would like to give you something from your old home, so we asked Fazbear Entertainment if we could build look a likes from the animatromics you once worked with." "And they allowed us to do so." One of the villagers interrupted Isabella "They meant it would be great publicity for them.". Hearing what they done for him, made Vincent smile.

He tried not to, not after the past he had with those things. But he couldn't stop himself. "Thank you." He said in a slightly cracking voice. He was so happy, having such good new friends, that even a small tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly found himself in a group hug. Everything was great. And he was only living here for a month now.

In the following days, new villagers moved into the town, others moved away and more and more animatromics look a likes were build. Even a puppet box, which was a little to Vincents dislike, but because he liked many of the villagers, he let it build for them.

There were also more stores and other things in the shopping area on the other side of the train tracks.
A night club, garden store etc.. He was so happy in his new life, even he felt like something was still missing.
But he ignored that inner hollowness and returned to his routine. First to the museum for the fossils he had found, then shopping through the clothes and shoe store. When he was on his way to sell some things to Timmy and Tommy, he thought of maybe entering the flower store for once. Maybe he could buy some flowers, so his town would look even prettier.

With that, the door of the shop flung open and Vincent entered the small store. After the small, polite greeting, Vincent took a look at the flower seeds. He was no expert in flowers, but thought the innocent roses would be the best choice. Yet before he was about to pay and leave, his eyes noticed something else: An axe.

Just seeing the tool, Vincent felt some strange feeling and as he thought about it, a smile appeared on his face.
"I'll take that too." He said, as he took the axe and quickly handed the sloth the money for those things.

After finishing his routine, he quickly started to use his new tool. It felt kinda good to chop down trees, yet it wasn't quite as fulfilling as...

"Oh, hey Vincent!" The villager Luzie said as she noticed the major chopping trees. Vincent for his part got a little annoyed. Luzie wasn't one of the villagers he honestly liked, she pretty much just bothered him.
Yet, he forced to keep his smile as the pig arrived.

Animal FNAF: Retirement? Part 2
Part two. Next part is going to be better :D

Author's note: Damn, more random ideas that combine something child friendly with something non child friendly xD
But it is a nice story idea. I would love it if there would be a game like this :3
Well, lets start then :P

Image the whole happenings of the Five Nights at Freddy's world also happened in a world similar to Animal Crossing New Leaf. Because that is the world we will look at for this little story.

How long has it been by now? A couple of years perhaps? Vincent, also known as the purple guy due to his strange skin color, was caught a couple of years ago, for what he had done. For killing children in the Fazbear Entertainment restaurants. Thanks to him, a lot of unexplainable things had happened in the restaurants from Fredbears Family Diner to the newer Freddy Fazbears Pizza. For many years, he was sitting in prison, even had to fear of execution, until he was declared insane and with that not completely responsible for his horrible actions. He was moved to reformation and after more years behind bars, he was sane enough to get back into society.

He was getting old, working normaly for a year or two, until he went into retirement. His doctors meant, it would probably best if he moves out of the big towns and into a smaller one in the country, far away from any stress so he may stay sane. And so he did. Today, after all what he had went through, he was sitting in a train, a box full of his belongings under his seat and watching out of the window as he passed many fields, seeing farmers doing their job.

Vincent sighed deeply. He was so tired, the sun was setting already and he wanted to get the whole moving thing being over already. Without realising it at first, another traveler sat down at the seat in front of him. "Hello there." The cat said "Which time is it?". Vincent looked up surprised, getting a little blinded by the sun as he did so. "Huh?" He first said, then checked his watch to answer "18:46" "Thanks, my watch has a little defect.". The cat smiled brightly at him, but Vincent was a little annoyed. "Say..." The cat then started talking again "Where are you going?". Vincent didn't wanted to talk, but because the cat repeated the question a couple of times, he said "I am moving to a town called Mugville" "Oh moving I see? Mugville is a nice town, nice and small." "Yeah, my doctor meant I should move there for my retirement".

The cat gasped loudly "You retire? My, I didn't thought you would be that old!". Vincent ignored that little mean comment, looked back outside and said "Well, I am not THAT old, but it seems like I am not useful for a job either. Don't know what happened, but at some point, I just couldn't handle any job back in my old home." "Well, I hope you will have fun at your retirement!". Just as the cat said that, an announcement was heard "Next stop, Mugville. I repeat, next stop is Mugville". Vincent was happy to get up, grab his stuff and finally leave the train, but the cat quickly aid "Wait, my name is Oswald, what is yours?" "Vincent" "Well Vincent, I hope we meet again some day." "Yeah sure.". Oswald didn't seem to realize Vincent meant the last part sarcastic and continued to smile, like he just made a new friend.

As Vincent finally stepped outside, he stayed a while until the train had left. Another sigh escaped his mouth, as he looked at all his stuff and the memories with it. What had been stuck with him for a while was the memories of when he was working as a night guard for Fazbear Entertainment. He had mixed feelings for what he remembered from that time. At one side, he felt horrible for his actions, but he also missed the feeling he had during that time. But he was a reformed man now. Everything was different now.

He cleared his thoughts from everything related to that and finally left the train station. But what happened next surprised him. A crowd was expecting him and cheered him as the new major. It took him some time to realize what was going on.

"Woa, wait a minute." He said "I-I am not here to become a major. I am here for my retirement." "Huh?" the crowd said, and then the adorable Isabella stepped forward to say "But... That can't be. Our new major should have arrived and you are the only one who came here today. You have to be our new major." "No, I am not.". The conversation went on that way, until Vincent jut gave up and let Isabella lead him to his office. She introduced him to everybody in the town and told him to get the local Nook property office to get the raccoon build his house, getting a tent to sleep in for now. After the whole chaos of introducing and all, he was lying in his tent.

It was around 22:10 in the evening. Vincent had spend some time to know the villagers better, having already some favorites around them and even helped some with some tasks, but now was covered by his sleeping bag, as he looked through the stuff he brought with him, hoping to fall asleep soon by doing so.

He really missed seeing the animatromics, especially Foxy, as for that being his favorite suit. He sighed, putting the picture showing them away.
It is said as he got captured by the police, the strange happenings at the restaurants had stopped. It really was more peaceful now, wasn't it? Everything would be good now, wouldn't it? That, Vincent wasn't sure. Thinking he became major just like that, he smiled slightly. Maybe working in a job like that could bring some difference with it. Maybe he would like it, find some new friends and enjoy his new life in Mugville.

With that, his heavy eyelids dropped shut and he wandered in the world of dreams.

Animal FNAF: Retirement? Part 1
First part of that random idea. I hope you enjoy



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